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Washington Against Nuclear Weapons

For Boeing, no more nukes
The aerospace giant, anticipating a legal aftershock from UN action to outlaw nuclear weapons, has taken the defense industry by surprise with plans to cancel work on Minuteman missiles and other U.S. nuclear arms.
Leaked Pentagon study is a call to disarm
A secret analysis by the U.S. military rejects a $1.7 trillion “modernization” plan for America’s nuclear arsenal and recommends launching disarmament talks with other nuclear powers instead.
War machine not so hot as an economic engine
Truth to Power Project: While military spending is often touted as a major creator of jobs, an academic researcher has found that far more jobs result from government spending on peaceful pursuits like education and health care.
Submarines may become home ports for Seattle’s homeless
The City Council is planning a vote on whether to accept decommissioned Trident submarines from the Navy for conversion to homeless shelters to house the poor.
What to do if you survive a nuclear strike on downtown Seattle
Head for the mountains, our advice columnist recommends, but wouldn’t you rather do a little something now while there’s still time to head off the unthinkable?
Macho Boeing wakes up
A widespread yearning for change can’t be ignored any longer, and the Northwest’s much admired builder of airliners is finally ready to do something about its longtime corporate fixation on destruction.