My Bio

Saab Lofton

Saab Lofton was conceived in Los Angeles the night Robert Kennedy was assassinated and not too far from where the coup détat went down. Saab’s biological father proved to be too unstable, so his mother married a shell-shocked Vietnam vet of a drill sergeant for financial security. Saab was a military brat until he graduated from high school in his native California and left home (because this is not a free country, but an expensive country, he would keep having to move back).

Saab was once a minor league pro-wrestling manager, a nude model for art classes and a member of the Guardian Angels, but his claim to fame is the novel he wrote while still in the dorms at San Francisco State University, A.D., which was so radical of a book it got him kicked out of college. After being exiled from the Bay Area, Saab moved to the state of Washington where he self-published his second novel, Battle Neverending, and earned a bachelor’s degree from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington on June 11th, 1999. In a textbook example of karma, Evergreen graded and graduated Saab on the very kind of writing that banished him from San Francisco State. Saab has also guest lectured at various high schools and colleges over the years and was even invited to speak in Canada and Australia.

Saab won awards writing a newspaper column for The Las Vegas CityLife until 2005, when the Stephens Media Group bought The CityLife with the sole intent of silencing the only left-wing voice in Nevada’s mass media. Since then, Saab has returned to Washington where he continues to fight against the corporate censorship which dominates America.